I'm lost and I'm a little wack

the evil within nurse is a qt

ye ye

ye ye

and i mean haven’t we all wanted to hear method man lay down bars about smelling what the rock is cooking

it prob helps that gangrel’s theme is just really good to begin with

C-Murder & Magic - I Won't Stop (Gangrel)
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now im not gonna say this is a good album but its a lot better than an album of rappers doing remixes of entrance themes really has a right to be

2:18 AM - gay vulture: http://i.imgur.com/9RlMgu3.png every time I delete it, it just goes up another number
2:18 AM - gay vulture: it just comes back stronger

2:14 AM - gay vulture: jesus christ the charles mingus album just keeps coming back


armitage III is pretty dang well-shot overall


and then a little cyberlady will kick your ass

the way they shot & animated her flipping that guys feet out from under him & sort of casually kicking the arm into a hammerlock is really cool though